FOR over 110 years the name Althoff has stood for creative work with wood. In the joinery workshops in Blelefeld, wood waste accumulates during all stages of production.
With the use of a Weima WL 4 shredder, this can be ideally processed to heat the premises.
Ultrich Althoff GmbH was founded in 1906 and is now managed by Hendrik Althoff.
In the joinery workshops, “ideas made-to-measure” are developed – creative products made of high-quality materials, with proven tools and state-of-the-art machines.
Individual craftsman services, such as house windows and sliding doors, furniture or cabinet systems are part of the portfolio of the family business.
For some time now, the traditional company has been working on the most efficient use of wood waste in order to save energy costs. A Weima ZM 30 four-shaft shredder was in operation for many years and shredded the wood waste.
Over time, the materials worked with in the joinery workshop have changed and with them the requirements for the machines. A new shredder was needed.
Managing director, Hendrik Althoff did not have to think twice.
‘I knew that the quality of the machine from Weima was right – there was no alternative for us,’ says Hendrik.
Since the end of 2019 a Weima WL4 single-shaft shredder has been in the workshop of the family business. The proven classic is idealized with its robust construction and extremely long service life.
With a rotor diameter of 252mm and a rotor length of 600mm, the shredder deals with all kinds of wooden materials..
The innovative hopper and log spacer design is particularly suitable for shredding large, bulky parts and ensures that no material build-up, or bridging can form.
The high-throughput wood chipper is equipped with the WAP gear developed by Weima, extremely low-maintenance and sensitive to foreign material.
All production machines in the workshop of Ulrich Althoff GmbH are connected to a modern extraction system. Thus, wood chips and sawdust can be collected centrally in a large swarf bunker. The produced wood chips are directly transported into the bunker via a suction system as well.
The shredded wood waste is the burned in a wood burner. This way, the entire building, including workshops, offices and showrooms, can be heated completely without the use of fossil fuels.
This is not only cost-saving, but also environmentally friendly.

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