ALLWOOD Machinery is now concentrating on promoting the Interwood brand of presses, which have been a staple for many industries for over 80 years.
Allwood is also focused on press production lines, having installed several production lines across the UK with more orders in the pipeline.
Allwood has just recently installed a press line at SFD Group in Stoke-on-Trent, which is certified to manufacture fire doors and fire-rated composite doors.
Allwood was approached by SFD Group managing director, Mark Daniels. He already had one of Allwood’s standard Interwood HOP presses that the company was producing doors on, but needed to speed up the pressing process.
After visiting Mark, Allwood came up with a solution to his problem:
‘We designed a production line to meet his needs. This consisted of a feeding table four roller glue spreader, a lay-up table, incorporating a conveyor to feed an automatic throughfeed, hot oil, heated press – and an outfeed conveyor,’ says an Allwood representative.
‘We installed this line in December. When I called Mark, he informed me that he is now pressing 124 doors/day, which previously would have taken over a week. His words were that this is the best investment he has ever made!’
‘Interwood can design any type of press to any requirement and offers a design service for production lines, including handling equipment.
‘Typically we would visit the customer’s site, consider the practical requirements and then get them to complete a questionnaire. With all this information, we would devise a solution.
‘At our premises in Maldon in Essex, our stock includes our standard presses Model HOP hot oil heated, 42mm solid steel plates fitted as standard, 120-ton pressure, platen sizes 3100mm x 1550mm and 2500mm x 1300mm, Interwood glue spreaders Model GSD four roller 1300mm and 1600mm Interwood brushing machines Model GSB 1300mm and 1600mm.
‘In addition to great service, Interwood is very competitive on price.’

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