MAKE Wood Good Ltd, UK Distributers of the Marine Epoxies of Smiths and Co of California, has just started manufacturing those products in the UK.
Cold Weather formula Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™ (CPES™) is the first of those products to be UK manufactured and the product is now fully Reach compliant.
Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is a thin epoxy that will penetrate deeply into the surface of wood. CPES restores strength to rotten wood and waterproofs all timber. It is used primarily for two purposes:
It is the ultimate primer for wood in order to make paint, or varnish stick. Wooden boat owners achieve varnish finishes that last in excess of 15 years by using CPES as a primer.
The CPES consolidates the uppermost fibres of the timber, providing a stable and rot proof base for the varnish to adhere to.
This stable base suffers reduced temperature variations and significantly reduced moisture variations during the natural daily cycle of sunlight and darkness and is thus far more resistant to the degradation of the upper fibres of the wood, which cause the varnish to flake and peel from the timber.
A further benefit of using CPES as a primer is that it is significantly easier to achieve a flat finished surface than by using thinned varnish, speeding the job of varnishing up.
The reduced maintenance costs and longer life-time of exterior timber far outstrip the cost of using the CPES as a primer.
Coverage on new timber is around 5 (softwood or ply) – 10 (hardwood) square metres/litre.
These days more CPES is used worldwide to keep varnish and paint on wood than for its original purpose of restoring rotten wood.
All modern paints and varnishes, as well as the more traditional spar varnishes adhere extremely well to Smiths CPES.
Furthermore, both polyurethane and hybrid sealants and caulks form permanent bonds to CPES.
CPES was originally designed to restore rotten timbers in wooden boats. It penetrates very deeply and will find rot that is not even visible to the naked eye.
This ability to find all of the rot and coat those cells with a stable water-proof epoxy stops the rot from starting again just behind the repair, as commonly happens with other rotten wood repair solutions. This allows for repairs to be performed to exterior timbers that are effectively permanent.
The marine world loves CPES, as the cost of replacing timbers in a wooden boat gives a significant incentive to “restore not replace”.
Its extreme marine performance will repair structural, or cosmetic timbers in many other environments.
The consolidated rotten surface can then have its profile restored with Fill-It™ Epoxy filler, which is another easy 1:1 mix product.
Make Wood Good sell CPES and Fill-It together as a rotten wood repair kit at a discounted price. Further details on restoration use can also be found on the company’s website.
Technology and Use
Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is an epoxy product, supplied as Part A and Part B, in two tins.
Before use, you must mix CPES in a very simple ratio of 1 to 1 for both cold and warm weather formulas.
The cold weather formula is always advised for restoration of large areas of rot and is suitable for use in the UK year round, as long as you avoid priming under the heat of the midday sun in summer.
Packaged between the two cans is a very comprehensive instruction leaflet. You are advised to read this prior to use, if you are unfamiliar with the product.
Available in 1, 2 and 8 litre packs, prices start from £57. There is no substitute that performs as well. It is not a cheap product, but it is significantly cheaper than wood, repainting and maintenance generally.

Do it once and do it right.

For further information tel Make Wood Good on 01732 824700. Visit www.makewoodgood.com