ARE you looking for some information on a practical and inexpensive woodworking machine that is easy to operate, doesn’t take up too much room in your workshop and, most importantly, comes up to all your woodworking designs?

In this article, Wood-Mizer presents the most important features of the company’s moulders and planers and questions the experts about their opinions on these woodworking machines.

Let’s see if the reviews from the Wood-Mizer specialists – Radoslaw Adamkiewicz, who deals daily with the engineering development of moulders and planers and Adrian Bugala, who helps customers with technical issues, can confirm the opinions about the functionality, high precision and efficiency of these machines.

What are the main applications for woodworking machines? Do these machines indeed represent such a breakthrough and provide innovative ideas for working with wood?

Woodworking products include a wide range of machines for the final conversion of wood. Wood-Mizer’s range was largely designed in the 1990s in Sweden.

Today they are manufactured and developed at Wood-Mizer’s facilities in Poland and the USA. All woodworking machines can be divided into industrial and consumer products and both groups can be further equipped with numerous accessories  and extension kits.

The basic engineering idea of the designers was to build one machine for a few woodworking operations, so that the user could efficiently acquire the desired shape and dimensions of the material and, most significantly, with the best possible finish of the material surface.

‘Wood-Mizer’s range of woodworking machinery aims to improve the process of material shaping. Particularly they increase the work speed, quality and precision, ensure the consistency of manufactured wood products, enable the mass production and, ultimately, increase productivity,’ says product manager of woodworking products, Radoslaw Adamkiewicz.

With their simple construction and compact dimensions, moulders and planers match individual customer needs and small-to-medium-sized wood production enterprises. Many customers appreciate these machines, because of their straightforward design and affordability.

‘If you decide to expand your business, or add another manufacturing operation, there is no need to invest a great deal of money and to find a large, empty space on the workshop floor for these moulders and planers,’ explains the experienced technical support engineer for woodworking products, Adrian Bugala.

What kind of construction projects can you make with the woodworking machines? Are operating moulders and planers easy and safe?

With the wide range of woodworking machines, you can select a specific unit for any wood construction, or project that uses wood as a basic construction material.

‘Depending on the type of moulder and planer, we can make finished products in various shapes and profiles – beams, boards, panels, furniture finish, doors, shelves, windows, frames, handles, toys, etc. Anything you want, as long as it’s wood!’ says Radoslaw Adamkiewicz.

A woodworking machine is relatively easy to use and maintain. Therefore, a person lacking a great deal of experience can still handle its operation after reading the user manual.

Additionally, customers can watch video tutorials recorded for each model, or make a telephone call to obtain technical advice.

The machines are designed to be user-friendly, taking into account ergonomics but, at the same time, retaining their functionality.

‘Our moulders and planers have been designed with a good deal of care and attention for the strict safety regulations required in the European market for this kind of machinery. It is for this reason that our customers can be assured that our machines will deliver the highest level of safety at work,’ adds Radoslaw.

What sort of benefits does the customer get when purchasing a moulder and planer from Wood-Mizer?

Professional customer service and building good relations with customers have always been placed high on the priority list for Wood-Mizer.

The company has gained a good deal of respect and recognition among wood industry customers not only by providing them with premium machinery, but also by offering professional customer support.

Customers can always count on assistance in making the right choices for the machinery they need for their business.

‘We guide them through purchasing and shipping and they can rely on the best technical service during the warranty and post-warranty period,’ says Radoslaw.

The moment you become the owner of a moulder and planer, you acquire a premium machine with a long list of benefits,’ he adds.

Comparing the moulder and planers from Wood-Mizer with the machines of competitive brands, it’s clear to understand that Wood-Mizer has been borrowing from its 40 years of rich experience in producing sawmills and bandsaw blades.

Wood-Mizer’s range of woodworking machines are a legacy of the Swedish MOReTENs company, which had invented them and successfully sold them on the Scandinavian market for a few decades.

Thus, the vast specialised knowledge, high manufacturing standards and the wide network of Wood-Mizer distributors make an attractive offer for customers and bear tremendous potential for further growth of woodworking products.

‘Wood-Mizer moulders and planers have a simple construction and are easy to use. They can be equipped with a range of accessories, including cutterheads and tools designed for the specific woodworking models enhancing their functionality,’ says Radoslaw Adamkiewicz.

‘All woodworking machines are adjusted and set up in the factory and with a few minor parts that need re-assembling, they are ready to work right after unpacking.

‘We put the machines through strict quality tests at every stage of production and assembly. Our moulders and planers are mechanically secured for shipment in the best possible way.

‘Our customers have at their disposal extensive technical advice and service support and any necessary spare parts, or accessories required are easily available at our warehouses,’ confirms Adrian Bugala.

A review of the most important functional features of woodworking machines.

Designing a woodworking machine that would be highly functional, compact in size, offers premium quality and one which is price-affordable made the engineers set a few fundamental negotiables.

Firstly, such a machine must have a few cutterheads driven by separate motors, whilst replacing the knives should be quick and easy.

Secondly, the work-table and the infeed and outfeed tables need to provide stability, precision and durability that add to the quality of final products.

Another essential feature of a good moulder and planer is its comfortable and safe operation and quick adjustment, allowing the user to work efficiently for longer periods.

Finally, a perfect woodworking machine has a compact size, whilst maintaining the stability of the construction, shielding the mechanical and electrical modules and providing an effective sawdust exhaust mechanism.

The cutterheads, drive motors and easily replaceable profile knives

Wood-Mizer moulders and planers are designed for operation with a few cutterheads (top, bottom, right and left) to create a desired profile of the material after just one pass through the machine.

‘Just one pass through the MP260/MP360/MP365 is sufficient to profile the material simultaneously on four sides, giving it the desired shape and dimensions,’ assures Adrian Bugala.

‘A separate motor powers each cutterhead and the drive is passed using a belted gearbox. The cutterheads can be engaged on demand, which practically means reduced power consumption and lower levels of noise,’ explains Adrian.

Replacing the knives on the cutterheads shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and the operation itself is both intuitive and straightforward. It’s the special grooves on the horizontal shaft that make exchanging the knives work so simple.

The solid steel infeed/outfeed tables and the robust cast-iron work-table

Woodworking machinery needs stability and precision. Wood-Mizer moulders and planers meet this challenge without much problem, because they have solid infeed/outfeed tables made of galvanized steel.

‘The infeed table allows for easy feeding of large-sized material through the machine. The same refers to the outfeed table, which feeds the material out of the machine stably and securely,’ confirms Adrian.

There’s one notable feature of all woodworking machines made by Wood-Mizer – it’s a cast-iron table, placed very near the cutterheads and the feed rollers.

The raw material used for the production of these tables is supplied by proven and trusted European foundries and the process of maturing takes at least 12 months, before it reaches the CNC planing station.

The detailed manufacturing process of making the cast-iron table guarantees a high quality of this part. The cast-iron tables used in woodworking machines are remarkable for their enhanced resistance to wear and deformation, high level of vibration damping and the increased stability even with all electrical motors working with full power.

Quick adjustments and an easy-to-access control panel

The woodworking machines’ high level of functionality develops several simplistic and effective ways of adjustment and maintenance.

‘All regulations and adjustments of the woodworking parameters are performed quickly and precisely by a hand crank, or a lever when planing on the MP160/MP180.

The main work-table moves vertically on four trapezoidal screws, providing much stability and the accuracy of adjustments,’ explains Adrian.

‘The control panel is clear and logical. The operator can position it ergonomically, so that it can always be within easy reach.

It includes the main power switch, a light indicating the presence of voltage, an emergency stop, the switches engaging the electrical motors separately,’ says Adrian.

The compact and lightweight construction of woodworking machines

The compact size makes the woodworking machines very comfortable moving around a small workshop. The optional castor wheels help to roll the machines aside, providing the ability to clear the room for other necessary operations.

‘At each cutterhead, there’s a sawdust exhaust port to direct the sawdust precisely into the exhaust outlet,’ notes Adrian.

‘The steel and robust machine case provides safety for the operator at work and the protection for the parts and components, such as electrical motors, gearboxes, drive chains, etc,’ he adds.

The best offer of woodworking machines on the market?

The Wood-Mizer specialists are in no doubt that these woodworking machines are fantastic in terms of transforming wood into the final product!

The knowledge and experience of Wood-Mizer specialists, Radosław Adamkiewicz and Adrian Bugała provide the best assurance that, at the moment you purchase a moulder and planer from Wood-Mizer, your expectations and requirements will be totally fulfilled, and in most cases, even surpassed.

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